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Jiwook Jung

Assistant Professor

School of Labor and Employment Relations
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504 E. Armory Ave. Champaign, IL 61820

Education & Experience

PhD, Sociology, Harvard University, 2012
MA, Sociology, Seoul National University, South Korea, 2003
BA, Sociology, Seoul National University, South Korea, 2001

Jung was an Assistant Professor of Sociology at the National University of Singapore during 2012-2016.

Research Interests

Organizational Theory
Economic Sociology
Labor Markets
Social Stratification

Jung’s research explores key political economic issues, such as employment relations, corporate governance, and regulation, from the theoretical perspectives of organizational and economic sociology. His current projects explore inter-class power struggle over corporate decisions on, and the implementation of, workforce downsizing from the 1980s; the impact of global corporate social responsibility (CSR) standards on employment practices of major Japanese firms; historical changes in banking and financial sector regulations in the United States and how those changes have affected risk-management practices of banks; and the historical transformation of graduate business education, and how it has reshaped the worldview of managers and thereby their decisions as chief executives.

Recent Publications

Pernell-Gallagher, Kim, Jiwook Jung, and Frank Dobbin. Forthcoming. “The Rise of Risky Derivatives: Chief Risk Officers, CEOs, and Fund Managers.” American Sociological Review.

Jung, Jiwook, and Eunmi Mun. Forthcoming. “Does Diffusion Make an Institutionally-Contested Practice Locally Acceptable? Shareholder Responses to Downsizing in Japan, 1973-2005.” Organization Studies.

Jung, Jiwook. Forthcoming. “A Struggle on Two Fronts: Labor Resistance to Changing Layoff Policies at Large U.S. Companies.” Socio-Economic Review.

Jung, Jiwook, and Eunmi Mun. 2016. “Bending but Not Breaking?: Foreign Investor Pressure and Dividend Payouts by Japanese Firms.” Sociological Forum 31(3): 663-684.

Jung, Jiwook. 2016. “Through the Contested Terrain: Implementation of Downsizing Announcements by Large U.S. Firms, 1984-2005.” American Sociological Review 81(2): 347-373.

Dobbin, Frank, and Jiwook Jung. 2016. “Agency Theory as Prophecy: Do Boards, Analysts, and Fund Managers Perform their Roles?” Seattle University Law Review 39: 291-320.

Jung, Jiwook. 2015. “Shareholder Value and Workforce Downsizing, 1981-2006.” Social Forces 93(4): 1335-1368.

Jung, Jiwook. 2014. “Political Contestation at the Top: Politics of Outsider Succession at U.S. Corporations.” Organization Studies 35(5): 727-764.


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