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Teresa Cardador

Associate Professor

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219 LER Building, 504 E. Armory Avenue, Champaign, IL 61820


PhD, Organizational Behavior, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
MPH, Health Policy and Administration, University of California at Berkeley
BA, Psychology, University of California at Berkeley (Phi Beta Kappa)

Research Interests

What makes work worth doing? Under what conditions do workers come to experience a sense of significance and purpose in their work? What roles do personal, gender, and collective (organization and occupation) identity play in this process? These questions are fundamental to my program of research.

Grounded in theories of meaningful work, identity and identification, and role congruity, my research centers on how individuals make sense of, and experience meaningfulness in, the work that they do. I am interested in how professions, occupations and organizations, as well as internalized orientations towards work (e.g., callings), affect workers’ experiences of meaningful work. I am particularly interested in the experience of workers in sex-segregated occupations, such as engineering, policing, and nursing.


LER 591 Employment Relations Systems
LER 567 Negotiations in HR Decisions